Have You Had Your Pneumonia Vaccination?

Check out the following article written by Leigh Ann Otte One way to save money on health care is to prevent problems in the first place. And one way to do that is to get vaccines. A recent Savvy Senior column covers the vaccines seniors need, including the pneumococcal vaccination: Pneumonia causes more than 40,000 deaths in the

Keep your Long Term Care Insurance even after you stop paying!

Do you currently have long term care insurance?  Check out this interesting article written  by Leigh Ann Otte! Hopefully you haven’t noticed it personally, but just so you know, long-term care insurance premiums areon the rise. If, however, this cold fact has made itself known through your bank account (or your aging parents’), Reuter’s has

Report Medicare Fraud- $1000 Reward

Do you suspect some type of Medicare Fraud?  Well if it can be proved then there may be some reward money in it for you!  Check out the following article that Leigh Ann Otte wrote about! Medicare Revising Statements, Noting $1,000 Fraud-Tips Reward by Leigh Ann Otte Did you know Medicare offers a reward for telling them

Are you looking for Senior Discounts! Here’s 100

BELIEVE IT OR NOT SENIOR DISCOUNTS STILL EXIST!  As the economy seems to get a little better day by day we wanted to give you a way of really saving on the items that you purchase on a daily  basis and other items that you might not have considered. Here is a comprehensive list that