Report Medicare Fraud- $1000 Reward

theif[fusion_builder_container hundred_percent=Do you suspect some type of Medicare Fraud?  Well if it can be proved then there may be some reward money in it for you!  Check out the following article that Leigh Ann Otte wrote about!

Medicare Revising Statements, Noting $1,000 Fraud-Tips Reward

by Leigh Ann Otte

Did you know Medicare offers a reward for telling them about fraudulent charges you find on your statement? You can get up to $1,000 for tips that pan out, report The Washington Post and Kaiser Health News. Yet no notice of that reward appears on current Medicare statements.

That will change next year, when revamped statements start hitting mailboxes. They’re designed to be easier to read so you can root out fraud more easily. And they’ll come with a printed reminder of the reward for doing so.Kaiser and the Post report:

Currently, Medicare summary notices, as the billing statements are called, can run more than a dozen pages for those with multiple doctor visits and treatments and are full of medical jargon and abbreviations that often read like a secret code.

That complexity can mask mistakes or out-and-out fraud that drive up Medicare costs and can jeopardize future services for beneficiaries, said Susan Johnson, project manager for Virginia’s Senior Medicare Patrol, a nationwide program that encourages seniors to ferret out fraud.

The changes are already appearing in online statements.

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